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Zhangjiagang Poly Machinery and Electric Manufacturing Co.,LTD was established in March 2003, it's a subsequent start of Wire & Cable industry with integrate of design,manufacture and sales . We are focus on researching high quality and automatic products for many years,we have achieved many breakthroughs.

We are good at studying the further processing of metal wires that are like  copper wire¡¢EDM brass wire,Phosphor Bronze Wire,copper-nickel alloy ,silver plated copper wire¡¢tinned copper wire,CCS wire¡¢CCA wire ,stainless steel wire,carbon steel wire,AL-MG alloy,Aluminium wire,zipper flat wire¡¢photovoltaic copper strip. We can also as customer's request to make each kind of drawing machine, annealing machine and pay off & take up device . We are focus on learning advanced technology of wire & cable equipment at home and abroad, at the same time we also researching & testing by ourselves,our machines improved faster in the humanized operate & reliability. And our machines have a good press by Japan,Korea,India, Vietnam,Iran,Egypt abroad customers .

Our company is in line with the principles of ¡°doing best then strengthening¡±, working hard for leading technology and good quality. In the day of technological development, ¡°Poly Man¡± would like to make great efforts with the people who work in the electron beam, magnetic wire, cutting line, solar photovoltaic, wire & cable together for the industry development.